Engagement in Florence, Tuscany | Serena & Francesco

Afternoon of May, we fixed with our future couple of bride and groom to carry out their pre-wedding engagement session shots in Florence, a place they love. The weather, unfortunately, is uncertain; we are surprised by a heavy downpour which magically ends leaving a shy sun between the clouds.

Serena is Tuscan, but is now living since a long time in Faenza with her Francesco, genuine and forthright guy as the Romagnoli people are. We wait expecting the weather to improve while taking a coffeeat L’Orto di Empoli, surrounded by plants and flowers; we begin our section of shots in this delightful premise of middle-European flavour. Sure that the weather will not play other tricks we head to Florence by train to respond to the desire of the two future newlyweds through these photographic shots recalling the early years of their story when they lived in different cities and every weekend a train made ​​them embrace again.

Just arrived in Florence, Serena and Francesco strolled the streets bordering Santa Maria Novella, past the Piazza della Repubblica and reached the Arno for aromantic kissand renew their intention to get married on the picturesque Ponte Vecchio.

The session of shots continued in the middle of the Uffizi Gallery up to Piazza della Signoria, where they told us with great enthusiasm all that they have planned for the day of their marriage, their desire to share the eternal promise surrounded by their loved ones and many friends.

We cannot wait to their wedding photographs and to have fun in their colourful wedding party!

Fidanzati in attesa del treno per Firenzebacio romantico alla stazione ritratto fotografico all'Orto EmpoliRitratto futura sposa Orto Empolidettaglio dell' anello di fidanzamento sul treno fidanzati a passeggio abbracciati in Santa Maria Novellaproposta di matrimonio nel centro di firenzeBacio romantico nei vicoli di FirenzeFotografia prematrimoniale alla Galleria degli UffizziFidanzati abbracciati sul ponte vecchio firenzeSguardi tra fidanzati sul ponte vecchio firenze



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