Paola & Maurizio at La Certosa, Florence

Paola and Maurizio decided to get married and for the big event chose a wonderful location near Florence to celebrate their marriage, the Certosa di Florence.

Charming medieval complex located on Monte Acuto and surrounded by high circle walls. Former monastery of the Carthusian Order it is a beautiful place of cult. The atmosphere which we breathe inside is really mystical, with an unreal silence that is felt within the cloisters and arcades.

The bride wore a gorgeous lace dress that suited her very much and was surrounded by graceful bridesmaids with little crowns of fresh flowers. Even the church was enriched with magnificent floral decorations, both inside and outside on the facade.

After the ceremony we headed straight to the place of reception, a private villa a few kilometres from Florence. The bride and groom went in an old MG, a beautiful vintage English car. Paola and Maurizio preferred not to make any couple portraits and they left us the (very pleasant!) task of taking pictures in a “reportage way” , capturing the spontaneity of the situations. We gave free rein to our cameras and once back in the studio we found an incredible number of shots to be processed!

What we propose is obviously only a small extract. Enjoy the photos!

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