Aneta & Kevin at Villa Rinascimento, Lucca

It’s not every day that you meet people like Aneta and Kevin, sweet and romantic at the same time. This was really a wedding in Lucca in which different nations and traditions merged and together, created a veritable feast.

Aneta is a native of Poland while Kevin is English. However, they both live in the Netherlands, more precisely Amsterdam. A curious note is that they choose Lucca (near Florence) to celebrate their wedding because they are both emotionally very attached to our country. It is here that they met while studying.

Their marriage was entrusted to the expert hands of the wedding planner Gina Rodriguez of Mytuscanwedding who oversaw the organization of every detail making their day really special.

The whole wedding was held on a sunny day of September in the beautiful ambient of Villa Rinasciment in Lucca. Both prepared inside the Villa, in different rooms of course, while the ceremony was held in the beautiful arcaded terrace that highlights the very elegant villa. Everything was more impressive, with the help of the music of a harp and a flute that accompanied the ceremony.

After the rite of marriage the couple proposed a toast and greeted all the guests. After doing some photos with friends and relatives we took some external shots using the places that the villa offered. At the beginning they were a bit shy of course but gradually this gave way to the fun that they would be able to capture in their photographs.

As English tradition requires, dinner was served early compared to our own, at 19.00 dinner was served, this meant that there was more time for everyone to have fun at the party! In fact, all the guests danced and sang until late at night strictly with the rock music preferred by the spouses.

At the end of the party we thanked the couple while the notes of “You shook me all night long “by AC/DC were still playing! We recommend it while watching the picture of the place! 🙂



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