Gemma & Daniele at Pomarance Pisa, Tuscany

Gemma and Daniele were the youngest couple for which we did the photographic service! Both of Pomarance they dreamed of a traditional and creative marriage at the same time.

The wedding planner Giulia B. , who made ​​us meet the couple, indulged their desires by designing a layout for the church classic and elegant thanks to the skilful work of Fiori Colori e Decori, while the reception was inspired by the film “Alice in Wonderland” by Tim Burton. Gemma prepared herself at her parents’ home following the tradition that the bride surrounded by all the women of the family: the mother, the grandmother, and the closest girlfriends. She reached the church,in the centre of Pomarance, in an unusual way: the grandfather’s truck (a flaming red Scania!).

After the religious ceremony, after showing their new home to the guests, we headed to the family villa where every corner remembered the colourful world of Alice with cards and flowers for the table settings, outlines of the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts around the garden. In the cigars and rum room stood a large White Rabbitand collared lanterns near the pond and the life-size puppet of Caterpillar.

Dinner was elegant thanks to the skill of “Catering Bonelli”and a wedding cake design with elements reminiscent of the fantastic film. A fresh and colourful wedding as befits the young age of the couple that ended with the launch of balloons on which spouses and guests had written their wishes.

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