Ivana & Pierpaolo at Parco dei Platani Pisa, Tuscany

When Ivana contacted us the first time she was frightened by the figure of a wedding photographer! Initially she did not even want to speak about it; she had the fear of having to be forced into boring poses for hours and hours after the ceremony. This thing, thankfully, does not fall at all into our style and we were delighted that she had changed her mind!

Looking at the pictures, we realized thatto describe into words their marriage is very difficult, this is why the images are needed!

We begin the story of their marriage, saying that luck was on their side and a bit also on ours … πŸ™‚ because it wasa beautiful, sunny day in Pisa after days of heavy rain.

They chose to celebrate their wedding in the beautiful Castello di Lari, a wonderful setting for a civil marriage.Over the inner courtyard, which just seems made ​​to accommodate the guests and the spectacular passageway that surrounds the castle and that allows to enjoy a panoramic view of 360 degrees, we were very impressed with the presence of a small and gracious garden from which there is a spectacular view of the Pisan hills!

Immediately after the ceremony we headed to the Parco dei Platani in Lari Pisa, not far away, where the dining with all the guests was held.A splendid farmhouse characterized by a very rustic Tuscan style but at the same time very refined in the details.

Photographing their wedding was a fun job! Especially when the dances started! Ivana and Pierpaolo let slipped all the tensions accumulated and began to lash out with all the guests…they danced and feasted until the evening and we wanted to capture every detail of what their time, knowing that those whom we were photographing were just two authentic lovers!

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