Manuela & Fabio at Lari Pisa, Tuscany

Here, finally, the wedding photos of Manuela and Fabio in Pisa! After a romantic afternoon spent together in the Boboli Gardens for their engagement service in Florence, we are very happy to also publish those of their exciting wedding.

The groom prepared in the house where they now live while the bride made preparations in the beautiful villa, ” the house of arches “, located at Cevoli, a few kilometres from Lari (PISA) which was set up for the reception in the evening.

The civil ceremony took place in the Castello di Lari Pisa and then our photo session continued around the walls of the castle and the medieval hamlet that encompasses many memories for the couple living together. Back at the villa we crossed the impressive avenue of pines that leads to the entrance where on the right side there is a beautiful garden with a swimming pool where they served a welcome drink to guests.

The “Del Carlo Catering” created a very intimate backlit atmosphere setting up tables on the terrace from which the bride and groom and the guests could see the landscape of the Tuscan hills and the sunset. After cutting the cake, Fabio and Manuela let loose with their friends and relatives dancing late into the night!

There is little to say, the party succeeded so well even a wedding photographer had lots of fun. And the atmosphere? Spreading happiness? Definitely…who knows…we would have gladly thrown ourselves into the fray! 🙂

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