Novella & Alessio at Lago Varramista Pisa, Tuscany

We met Alessio and Novella through a mutual friend who suggested us for the photo shoot of their wedding. The couple, who had lived together for some time and had a son named Leonardo, made preparations together in their own home and it was unusual to see the bride and the groom’s clothing hanging in the room next to each other

Alessio and Novella helped each other dress under the curious gaze of their son and nieces and nephews. Hairstyle and make-up was very simple for this bride in everyday life loves soap and water. The long dress with ruffles on a white skirt as well as a bouquet of roses.

The civil ceremony was held in the Palazzo della Volta in Fucecchio where the Foundation dedicated to Indro Montanelli is found. It was exciting to see them coming together hand in hand to the applause and emotion of friends and relatives. The civil ceremony, usually short, had been enriched by the reading of poetry and music of the “Life is Beautiful” soundtrack throughout the wedding.

At the end of the ritual, after the traditional toss of rice and the greeting of guests, our photographic session took place in the many corners offered by this picturesque village of medieval origins.

The reception was held at the Lago di Varramista in Montopoli Pisa , where the bride adopted a new more dashing look. Removing a final piece her dress became shorter and ideal to continue the evening of joking, dancing and singing with many friends.

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