Serena & Francesco at Montalto, Pisa

Do you remember Serena and Francesco, our newlyweds of Faenza?! We had introduced to you this young couple during their romantic engagement session in Florence . The “big” day arrived, photo backpack over our shoulder we joined in their colourful wedding.

The bride and groom, as they had already announced, they wanted their wedding to be a fun fest, full of cheerfulness and friends … and so it was! This desire was felt already in their preparations where there was no lack of care and search for playful detailing like the shoes of the groom with the words “Help me” on the sole!

Francesco wore an elegant suit of Pignatelli while Serena, who had been preparing in her parents’ home, wore a beautiful dress of Pronovias with a small hat of vintage look. The bouquet and decorations in the church were in shades of white and peach while for the reception the “theme colours” were green, white and fuchsia.

The religious ceremony maintained the classical and composed atmosphere, but as soon as it ended, the climate outside the church of San Romano in Pisa became like that of a stadium during the final of “Champions League” with chants and banners!

We did a short session of photo shoots in San Miniato with the weather that did not promise anything good and then we headed to the Agriturismo Montalto in Montopoli, in the province of Pisa. To be underlined the peculiarity of the tableau marriage decorated with many colourful candies and disposable cameras available for guests to gather a bit of stolen and natural shots.

Music, jokes and games animated the reception for the whole time. Finally, in a marriage so cheerful and pleasantly noisy it could not be missed the sharing with friends of a Photo booth with wigs, glasses and fake moustache. Enjoy the show!  😉

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