Chiara & Marco at Campidoglio, Rome

The first time we talked with Chiara and Marco of their wedding in Rome was via Skype since they live in Freiburg in Germany, but in spite of the less conventional means, we were immediately in tune.

Marco is German – (although the name may be misleading!) – Loves bicycles and is a former punk musician and Chiara,a small steel magnolia, is a native of Rome. Both were relaxed from the initial preparations to the big event celebrated with joy and abandon. Chiara had a lovely white wedding dress with lace worked with a green ribbon around her waist. The white shoes with a green bow matched the dress and the bouquet prepared in the same colours.

The civil ceremony that took place in the morning in the red room of the Campidoglio was particularly poignant thanks to the beautiful words of the father of the groom and the bride’s mother. After the ceremony, after ​​the ritual group photo with all the guests, we have dedicated to the session of photograph shots with an exceptional location: the Fori Imperiali.

Then we went with the couple and their friends on a Volkswagen “Transporter” to continue the photograph shots in the beautiful Giardino degli Aranci.

We would have stayed for hours photographing Marco and Chiara among the beauties of Rome, but having to take into account the traffic we “escaped” to the location of the reception which, for the occasion, was organized by the Agriturismo Casale San Nicola a charming venue in full English cottage style. The lunch was held in the garden by the pool and both children and adults had fun the whole time playing with paper umbrellas, soap bubbles and fans.

After lunch, here the cutting of the cake: a huge flower-shaped puff pastry, followed by many sweets, cheers and the candied almonds in the central atrium. When the evening arrived Marco and Chiara let loose with dances and songs whiles surrounded by friends and relatives. But if lunch was typically Italian, following the culinary traditions of the bride, the evening party followed correctly the culinary traditions of the groom with beer and currywurst, a typical German dish! Bountiful!

Later in the evening we said goodbye to this beautiful couple, tired from the long day but extremely happy to be witnesses of their marriage and their love. 🙂

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