Our Proposal of Photography Services


We deal mainly in wedding photography we like to recount with our own style all that’s happening that day. There is a great satisfaction giving images to married couples that can stir emotions!

We know how unique and important the day of your wedding is and for this we will both be present to achieve the photographic service, this gives us always an alternative point of view in every moment of the ceremony.

A good photographic service starts from careful listening and understanding of your requirements and from a good interpretation in order to meet your expectations, making sure that the result will be the fruit of the participation and mutual trust.

We carry out the same spirit and enthusiasm the photographic services for other ceremonies, events or studio portraits.


The images say more than words, but a marriage video is the most faithful remembrance that a married couple can keep.

We do not carry out this service internally, but we can suggest you of the very valid Video Studies with whom we collaborate.

The Video maker will realize your “wedding film,”while we dedicate to you our attention throughout the celebration with our photographic service.

Look now to a few trailer videos on this page , just to get an idea!

Photographic services for Weddings and Ceremonies

4 Good Reasons to Choose Us

# 1. You will have two good photographers available throughout the day without worrying about schedules, from the preparation to the end of the festivities.

# 2. Do not worry,we will never oblige you to forced poses and if you wish some couple portrait we will be able to put you at ease in giving you some simple indication that will allow you to be spontaneous and natural, and leave the rest to us!

# 3. We like the spontaneity of the situations and catch all the details and nuances of that day!

# 4. We know well how much hard effort is necessary for organizing a wedding and the commitment it requires to ensure that everything is perfect! It would be a shame not to have a good record. For this we will take care of every single detail, nothing will be left to chance.

After the Wedding

As soon as we return to the studio we beginto carefully select all the shotsuntil we have about 200/300, although often there are many more! These images are modified in the contrasts, colours and lights with an elegant photo-retouching.

We will deliver you a selection of shots – (auditions) – which can be viewed online in a private section of our website or on CD, and that we will deliver later in high resolution on a USB stick, so you can feel free to print!

We will also carry out a Slideshow, a presentation on DVD with music and about 70/80 pictures selected from the auditions. It’s a nice way to let everyone of your loved ones to see the pictures of your wedding. Simply insert the disc in your DVD player at home et voilà, everyone is glued to the TV!

Do we want to talk about the albums? We have many suggestions for you! We make traditional albums entirely personalized according to your tastes thanks to the splendid work of skilled craftsmen.

Photobooks of the highest quality that we personally take care of the layout to make your photo book original and unique. We rely on specialized firms that make each album a work of art.

Discover in detail all our proposals on the page dedicated to the Wedding Album.