Album Epoca® : The Wedding Book

The digital photo book or Photo album is the modern version of the classic album. Very fashionable in recent years due to the dynamic shear and original that makes it look like a real photo book.

We personally plan the graphics and layout of the photo book and then entrust the printing on photo paper, binding, and customization of cover to the professional laboratories of ALBUM EPOCA® , a leading company in the field that guarantees a handicraft product and of high quality.

Maximum expression of quality and elegance, each page of the photobook has a personalized layout – (we do not use standardized graphics) – which is treated so as to give the utmost importance to your photos.

We use a style of linear and attractive page layout, some graphic decoration to adorn and gently enrich the contents but without affecting the good view of the photographs.

Once the page layout is finished we always send a preview of our work to the couple of newlyweds who, in this way, can give us their approval before going to print.

Album matrimonio fotolibro Epoca-7 Album matrimonio fotolibro Epoca-8 Album matrimonio fotolibro Epoca-9Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-39 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-38 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-37 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-36 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-35 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-34 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-33 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-32

The Quality of Products we use

Each page is printed on photographic paper that makes maximum print quality, you can choose between matte or metallic paper to make your prints more brilliant. Each page has a very high thickness
because it is coupled to a cardboard between the page and the page that gives strength, a greater robustness and long durability.

These are also the small details and features that make our wedding photo books unique and eternal.

The wedding album is an object that should last for years so it is designed with all the features and appropriate techniques with the certainty of “Made in Italy”excellence.

The binding of the photo book is made ​​in such a way as to allow a perfect view of the images on the double page, that is, not using the classic book binding, but rather “continuous” without binding.It is a type of binding that takes full advantage of the photo paper, you can see from the photos below.

The wide choice of covers, leather, fabric, plexiglass with photos and so many styles – (classic, retro, modern) – cater to all tastes and even in this case allow
unlimited customization of the photo book.
The ability to add your initials with small Swarovski or engrave on a metal band are just some of the many customization possibilities.

Every single photo book is also accompanied by a beautiful “wedding box” an elegant box that preserves and protects over time that can be fully customized, for example with a picture of your wedding.

If you would like more information about the ®ALBUM EPOCA (Vintage album) we suggest you visit the website to see all the covers available and customization possible.

Album matrimonio fotolibro Epoca-11 Album matrimonio fotolibro Epoca-10 Album matrimonio fotolibro Epoca-5 Album matrimonio fotolibro Epoca-3 Album matrimonio fotolibro Epoca-6Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-31 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-30 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-29 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-28 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-27 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-26 Album matrimonio fotolibro epoca-25



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