Wedding Box & Dvd Carrying Case

We offer more and more solutions to married couples who come to us, so we include also a “Wedding Box” among our proposals.

The precious Wedding Box is an elegant box, closed with a fine blue satin ribbon that holds the photos of your wedding. 
In fact, the photos are placed individually on a mat just like the shots of the author, numbered on the back so as not to lose the order and inserted into the case.

Although still uncommon, the Wedding Box is a great alternative because photos can be extracted and viewed individually or simultaneously by more thanone person. If you wish, you can at any time choose a different photo of the wedding box to hang it at home thanks to this assembly that makes each photo unique.

Scatola per l'Album di MAtrimonioInterno della scatola per l'album di MatrimonioUna novità per gli Album di Matrimonio

The Album with DVD carrying case

It’s the simple and elegant things that please. Such as this little photo album DVD case and 10cm × 10cm photos where you can mount up to 20 photographs.

The square format of this album is definitely a perfect match with the Polaroid photo format! In addition there is the possibility to put the DVD in your slideshow.

Porta DVD Matrimonio con AlbumChiavetta USB e Cofanetto DVD Fotografo MatrimonioCofanetto Rigido ocn custodia per DVD Matrimonio

We’re always a step ahead!

Mumble mumble!!! Our creativity is always in turmoil and we still have many other additional services that we can offer ideas and suggestions to further customize your ceremony! 🙂




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