6 app to optimize your selfie during your wedding

The wedding day is special: it is an event that you want to remember in the best way possible. For this you have contacted a photographer specializing in weddings: you want to capture the most important moments of the ceremony, the party.

Similarly, however, you want to unleash your skill as a photographer armed only with a smartphone. Are you an amateur and you can not compete with a professional, of course. It is not your job.
But you can get great results with a mobile phone: the good times are such because they share with the right people, with those who can not be there and maybe you only follow on Facebook.
And here is that smartphones become useful.

selfie durante i matrimoni sposa

Ok, do not spend the whole ceremony and the party with the phone in hand but some selfie the scatterai, right? Perfect. Here are six essential applications to optimize your selfie just married!

  1. Instagram

The first, the most popular. Instagram is an application that allows you to add vintage filters to your images, and share them with your community. In the past it was only possible to apply filters, but for some time there are also controls to adjust light, contrast, saturation and other details.

The real strength of Instagram, though, is the community: post a photo means to share it with friends and family that are on this platform, but also on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Fisheye

I bet you’ve always dreamed of having a picture with the Fisheye lens, a lens capable of transforming every straight line in a perfect curve.

Well, your wedding is the perfect occasion to download the application Fisheye, easy to use and with different options of a fish eye lens. Here is a version for Android and the iPhone slightly different charge.

  1. Phonto

The name betrays the function of this application: Phonto is perfect for adding text to images. Click the photo, the load on the application, choose the font and location. Perfect, now you just write your message of congratulations to the newlyweds. Here you can find the version of Google Play and here, however, that to iTunes.

  1. Studio

A great app, probably the best for image editing and enrich them with borders, sayings, frames and patterns of various kinds. Studio works with cones layer or layers: you can add and delete items to build step by step pictures of your wedding. Do you find this app for Android and iPhone.

  1. LensLight

Want to give a magical effect to your photos? Download LensLight on your iPhone and add to selfie a light contours almost dreamlike. A must especially if you love the soft colors and artificial effects. About color: if you want to isolate it there ColorSplash (perfect for the red tie of the groom). Something similar to Android: Magic Effects.

  1. Photoshop Lite

The lighter and faster version of PhotoShop. Most applications add p change the style of the photo, but if you want to improve you have only one option that can really give the maximum: This option is called PhotoShop, which is the best photo editing program currently in circulation. Fantastic on iPhone and Android devices.

selfie durante i matrimoni amica della sposa

And then there are the social

These are some useful applications, others are essential for your wedding. Do not forget that Twitter and Google Plus have some good filters that allow you to edit and publish the image directly from the Social platforms.

selfie durante i matrimoni testimone dello sposo