Wedding photos in Black and White Fine-art

Despite the photography in recent years has evolved exponentially thanks to digital technology increasingly sophisticated, the black and white that evokes the charm and beauty of the photos of the past, it remains a recurring theme when we have to choose the wedding photographer.

There are many couples who are fascinated by the photographs in black and white, who love the old style but very few are those who courageously to convince them to print the entire album with all the photos in B / W.

Sposi che si baciano in controluce fotografo di matrimonio

It is understandable that there is a fear that only with the photos in black and white, you go to lose some details or some special moments through the with color may have a greater prominence.

Fortunately today, unlike a few years ago we no longer have this problem, in fact all the pictures are taken in color during the marriage, the conversion process is done with the image editing programs – (see Photoshop) – the next step in keeping however, the original file intact in color. With this method you can at any time convert any image from black and white to color and vice versa.

In not too long ago this was all just fantasy, you had to decide in advance what to do, because once you load the film in black and white on the analog machine and the decision was made … until the next roll you could not go back. It is true, even in that case there were remedies. Having multiple camera bodies available loaded with different films helped to solve this problem but it certainly lightened the baggage of equipment the photographer.

Usually the images we provide in our services have a higher percentage of black and white photos of about 30/40%, we noted that this report is a good compromise appreciated by almost all married couples.

Foto al tramonto degli invitati fotografo nozze

There is no more Black and White than once!

Nowadays almost all the photographers (including us of Qualcosa di Blu) using the digital, much faster to handle than the development techniques and darkroom that unfortunately today are too expensive compared to digital.

Nevertheless, we remember with a hint of nostalgia for the days of black and white analog, remember how big it was waiting to see the negatives developed and already to be able to assess the good shots from that small portion of the film. Then came the time to do the test, the real ones … these “contact sheets” that in the darkroom reproduced and transformed the negative picture on paper of the same size.

At that point it was the work of selection, it was a pleasure to browse through the various contact sheets and analyze each frame with a magnifying glass, with colored markers to mark the good ones, the ones discarded, highlight the cuts to make when printing.

Hours and hours in the darkroom to treat every single print, manage brightness and contrast, masking do (kind of technique in the darkroom to edit only some parts of the image that were either too light or too dark) gave to this type of work a magical touch more.

Invitati che ballano alla festa fotografi di matrimonio



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