How to choose your wedding photographer in Tuscany

The photos are important when you want to organize a wedding in tuscany. They are important because they define the moments, the emotions, the most intense and the most fun.

The photos, in other words, they are part of your memories. For this you must make sure that the photographer who will take care of the shots adapts to your needs and fulfills your wishes. Because marriage is the happiest day of your life, and when you choose the photographer make sure you have complied with these points.

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Personal Portfolio

You searched among photographers for weddings in the area? You have advised friends? Did you find on Google? First step: ask the photographer to show previous jobs. This is the first approach, then you have to select and skim.

Check that work well with the photographic services for weddings and maybe even with the engagement. Check that the website contains a gallery dedicated to the work performed, and that the studio has the book to consult. Above all, make sure the photographer that will be available on the wedding day is the same who signed the book that inspired you to choose it.

When you contact the photographer

As soon as possible. The photographers who work with weddings (or at least the good ones) have full agendas, then you have to move in advance. I would say a year before especially if you want to get married in the months classics, ie from May to September with the exception of the summer flood.

Quality and quantity

Before accepting any contract (by the way, there must be a contract) wonder what will be the quantity and quality of the photos. Many photographers aim only on the quality of the album and deliver the poor, and the same thing happens to the quantity: an avalanche of useless photos outshine those that really matter.

Asked if the high-quality printed photos are included in the price or less, and most importantly what is the estimate of the photos taken during a wedding. Maybe 400, maybe 500: a lot depends on how it is structured the ceremony. But there is need for balance between quantity and quality. Aanche wondered if it is possible to have photos in black and white and if they are provided photos of ritual exchange of rings, throwing the bouquet …

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Equipment and expertise

What machines will use to take pictures? And the lights? Will have to rent some equipment or any accessories? Who will develop the pictures? The time it takes to get a job in digital and paper ready? Ask the technical details it is to have more information on the quality of the work: if you do not understand the information goes to a few friends competent.

Together photographic equipment make sure there’s also the video. Better to consult a single study for photos and video, this is the rule. So you do not have to negotiate with two operators, but not be swayed: always check the quality of the work, if the video is not up to the field and you just like how they work with the photos do not hesitate to diversify.

Which area covers

A photographer for weddings in Tuscany can cover certain areas, one that operates in the Marches takes care of other areas. If you want to get married in Florence (about our work here in this city) but prefer a photographer who works in Ancona will probably have to pay for the trip. Clarify this point before closing the contract.

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Quote clear

I anticipated the rule, but it is better to repeat it. Before ending the negotiations and to terminate the contract with the photographer make sure to include everything in the quote. Even the costs of hiring equipment and transportation.

Ask any extra and make sure that there are no “double bottoms” surprise, or expenses that are added suddenly without any warning. The work can also be spectacular, but an unexpected rise dampens any enthusiasm.

Your opinion

These are the tips for picking a good photographer to capture smiles, Brindisi, wishes for happy life together with your spouse. Want to add something? Leave your ideas in the comments.