Contract Wedding Photographer: Security, transparency and tranquility

Signed contract and 3 rules to not be fooled

# 1. Before choosing a photographer for your wedding look a lot of photos of his portfolio and, above all, make you see full real weddings and not a few pictures!

# 2. Look at the different types of albums that proposes to be made clear what is included and what is not. Only in this way you will avoid unpleasant surprises later.

# 3. Make sure that the photographer you choose will provide you with all the information in a clear and transparent. For us at Qualcosa di Blu is the starting point upon which all our work.

Ritratto spose con petali di rose e bolle di sapone fotografi per matrimonio

To maintain a proper professional profile with our customers, we believe the fundamental fact of signing a contract, signed by both parties, which describes in a simple and transparent all the features of the photo shoot.

We love our work!

The wedding photography is something really important and unique, so it is our intention to put pen to paper all the details and make a formal commitment.

Sposa con bouquet bianco e blu fotografo di matrimonio

We do this work with great passion and we know that our best advertising is the satisfaction of our customers. We like to think that before the photo shoot, during, and after all is done in the best way ensuring our maximum availability and reliability from the very small things.

Ritratto sposa originale e creativo fotografi per cerimonia



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