Wedding details, free the creativity!

You know that in a day as important as that of the wedding are the details that make the difference and define the style.

The choice of the color guide of the entire event, the flowers that make up the decorations of the church and reception, accessories as placeholders that finishing touch to the table are key elements for the success and to determine the personality of the wedding.

Items that we do not ever escape and always insert the photo album of wedding the bride and groom!

Fiori margherite come centrotavola fotografo matrimonio

Style and Color: to each his own!

Choose a guideline is of great help to ensure that flowers, colors and decorations follow a unique style and give the feeling of a wedding with extreme care.

A marriage marked by simplicity and intimacy will follow also in the decorations this mood. A perfect example might be a little centerpiece made ​​of daisies, flower for excellence that makes us think of simplicity.

A wedding at sea need not necessarily flowers in the decorations or centerpieces indeed marine elements, sand and candles befitting a lot more to this type of ceremony.

Other decorations in some marriages follow the main theme chosen and cared for by the couple or maybe a creative and professional wedding planner. In these cases, imagination and creativity can bring out the cylinder countless proposals for all tastes

Fiori per centrotavola e chiesa fotografo matrimonio

Centrotavola di conchiglie e candele fotografo nozze

Citing an imaginative solution that we had the pleasure of photographing, how about a wedding in style Alice in Wonderland with playing cards and menus in placeholders at the tables?!

Even the most traditional marriages with religious ceremonies may have in floral arrangements and fresh new ideas to customize the event such as the traditional bouquet of white roses renovated by green berries and blackberries that blend perfectly with the white flowers.

The possibilities are endless, however, the creativity of the professional to whom it is addressed to create ornaments and decorations is very important and strongly determines the spectacular success of the entire event.

And you, what color are you? 🙂




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