The Father of the Bride

Do you remember that wonderful movie with a retro flavor with Liz Taylor and Spencer Tracy “Father of the Bride”?!

In more recent years has been made a remake with Steve Martin but despite the talent of the cast is missing in my opinion the poem that contained the film directed by Vincente Minnelli in 1950.

In recent years, where the bride in a vintage style and the ’50 / ’60 have returned all the rage definitely the first of the two films , if only for clothes and settings , collects a lot more support . I am inspired by the movie as an excuse to talk about all those fathers met in our marriages doing photography.

Entrata della sposa in chiesa a fianco del padre fotografi di matrimonio

The wedding day is a day of real excitement, strong emotion and endless joy.

When his daughter decided to get married and communicates the decision at home, the father feels a feeling of happiness mixed with sadness, approaching the time when no longer be the most important man in his daughter’s life.

In the phase of preparations for the father is then usually marginalized by his mother and bride accomplices as never before choosing flowers, dress , favors, confetti

Try to involve them in the vortex of the preparations. Will initially be a bit ‘ awkward, out of context, but slowly they will get used.

Sposa con i guanti che scherza con il padre fotografo matrimonio

Let accompany your father in the studio where you choose the wedding dress for the big day.He will not be an expert in tulle , lace and macramé, you will find an imaginary question mark on his head when you appoint Vera Wang and Jenny Peckham, but it will be moved and happy to see you wear a preview of the wedding dress and imagining the moment you take the altar.

Invite him to play with you mimicking your entry into the church, while driving along his arm across the aisle , you will come to the altar and say hello to your future husband. This could be useful to both to ease the anxiety and tension that you feel when you enter the church and you have all eyes on him.

Padre che bacia ed accompagna la sposa alla cerimonia fotografo nozze



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