The favors…wonderful detail even for a Photographer

The tradition of wedding favors has ancient origins as early as 1400, in Italy ,there was the habit of the young couple to give themselves the precious caskets filled with confetti. This nice cadeau was all the rage even in England in 1500, where he leads confetti cans were given away as a sign of hope in general for recurrences and marriages .

The confetti, we can deduce ,is bound in marriage and in general as a symbol of good luck and especially in marriage as a symbol of prosperity and happiness. The term favors born but later, in France, in 1700 with the custom by the nobles to go to the wedding, bringing with them precious and elegant caskets in which they would put sweets and treats offered by their spouses.

Bomboniere barattoli con marmellata e smarties fotografi di matrimoni

The custom then came slowly to the present day, it has not changed the meaning of the bride and groom give this a wedding gift that is to thank relatives and friends for their participation at the wedding of their affection and maybe even a sort of thanksgiving for gift donated to the couple. Of course, the tastes of the couple have undergone many changes over time in general for the wedding , and consequently also for wedding favors. Less and less present the centerpiece of this Murano glass , china, silver, and more and more present creative ideas and low cost .

Vi ricordate la splendida scena di “Pensavo fosse amore invece era un calesse” in Massimo Troisi e Francesca Neri quando prossimi alle nozze litigano sulla scelta delle bomboniere !? Ok , lì c’era sotto ben altro e le bomboniere sono state solo il pretesto. Gli sposi adesso sono sempre più concordi nel trovare idee alternative, simpatiche, personalizzate anche grazie all’apporto e all’esperienza della propria wedding planner.

Photographer that look carefully to detail and loves to recount every moment and every emotion of the day to remind the married couple will not fail to reserve some shots in these small objects to which you have devoted much time and passion. Couples young and dynamic people may opt for the candy fresh and colorful and give a touch of originality by inserting in place of confetti of colored smarties with their names and their wedding date engraved on it.

The bride and groom who want to give their guests a reminder that it is also useful and pleasant can opt for anything that binds to food and wine. They are an example of these small tins country chic adorned with satin ribbons and containing jam to match with cheese and wine.

There are couples who want to take advantage of such an important day to do charity work and help through their donation associations, hospitals, institutions. Usually delivered invited to a parchment or other type of media to make them aware of this act of love towards others.

Bomboniere save the children fotografi matrimonio

Finally, there are couples who like to donate something that is a thank you, but above all that really remains over time as the couple who chose a plant. In this case, we can express a message through the language of plants and flowers and is an object that does not deteriorate quickly over time as long as you care for him with love and perseverance.

Piantine verdi con confetti bomboniere fotografi per matrimonio

But it is not just the love and constancy that you’ve put in the time to your better half that distinguishes your beloved or your loved one from all the others?!



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