Get Married in Florence: Wedding Locations and Useful Tips

Get married in Florence is the dream of many couples. They come from all over the world to celebrate their wedding in the City of the lily, from the countries of the Rising Sun as from the United States of America, from Russia and also from China, and there are so many potential spouses! Doesn’t miss the scenery and the location where a professional wedding photographer can realize a photographic service unforgettable.

get merried in florenceThe locations of wedding in florence

Florence and its surroundings, we’ve already said, are full of places to get married is almost an honor, a certain added value to the already great importance of a ritual and a commitment to life.

Get married in Florence, we can give you few examples, you have to think of the prestigious and coveted Red Hall of the Palazzo della Signoria, where the orange blossoms live an exciting time to aesthetics and happiness with a color combination enhanced by the nobility and grandeur of the building the historic seat of elegance, power and culture.

Civil marriages, but with the right sumptuousness of the Tower of Arnolfo, in short, good for the wedding photographer, but also for the professional advertising photographer.

Going out the door, we mention a great little religious property, just a few kilometers from the city center, in the town of Bagno a Ripoli, between Ponte a Ema, home of Gino Bartali, and the old road that leads to the Valdarno, passing through the hill San Donato and park in Fonte Santa is the Oratory of St. Catherine delle Ruote, a small medieval jewel desecrated where you can celebrate the wedding together collected and infused art, in this case for which we can thank Spinello Aretino, Pietro Nelli and Master of Barberino! The wedding photographers here have to be careful not to fall victims of Stendhal syndrome! 🙂

Take pictures after the ceremony: the 2 “must have” (in our opinion!)

The “City of the Lily” also offers outdoor spaces and situations absolutely favorable for a wedding photographer in Florence in the second part of his work, namely the photographic portraits en plein air. One of the most popular destinations for the sweetness of the whole and its proximity to the city center are the gardens of the Bobolino along the Viale dei Colli, between the monumental and elegant Porta Romana and Piazzale Galileo.


Going a little ‘further along the same road, you will come across another place dedicated photographic studios experts and connoisseurs, or the Piazzale Michelangelo, with its enviable landscape, beautiful and scenic enough to never have feared the least (assuming that is something to worry about) the transition from film to digital photography. Too fascinating to be affected by the instrument. And anyway, we are ready for any next technological step! From experience in Florence of course! 🙂

View photos of weddings that we took in Florence

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