Get Married in Pistoia: 6 Top Locations for Your Wedding

Very often couples of bride and groom, as well as to ask us to make them beautiful in the pictures, ask us for advice about the location of the wedding!

As wedding photographers we are used to give other kinds of advice, but strong in our experience, there certainly scare before the arduous task of selecting for you some of the most beautiful places in the province of Pistoia where you can celebrate your wedding!

This is the first in a series of articles in which we will select as the most beautiful locations in every province of Tuscany. This week we begin with Pistoia, fascinating city and province in the heart of Tuscany.

The province of Pistoia stretches for 965 square kilometers and has 22 municipalities including: Montecatini Terme, Buggiano , Lamporecchio , Abetone , Quarrata , Monsummano Terme and 16 others to follow!

Each of these towns offers beautiful location for weddings where we photographers, get fun to take pictures while taking advantage of their beauty

wedding in pistoia

5 locations in Pistoia who inspire us ( and we recommend that ! )

The ideal location for wedding chic? Montecatini Terme Thermal Plant!

The City Council of Montecatini Terme, in fact approved a resolution to transform the thermal plant, in a location to be allocated to civil marriages. With the beauty of this location wedding photographers are heppy to go there! Rating: 9 +

Reception Farm Vizzano, villa for weddings, Montale

Farm Vizzano, villa for weddings, Montale, villa on the hills between Florence and Pistoia, Prato, an Italian garden , outdoor marquee.
Rating: 8

Zaccanti Pistoia Villa | Wedding in Tuscany

Villa Zaccanti combines exquisite beauty of the 700 with the functionality of modern equipment and offers itself as a meeting point for exhibitions , meetings, gala dinners and wedding receptions. Rating: 8

Convent of Giaccherino in Pistoia

The Convent of Giaccherino a few kilometers from Florence takes the form of a unique structure of its kind, where weddings, corporate events and take unforgettable photos . Rating: 8 +


We arrived almost at the end of the season “warm” , hot in every sense and from that work and from that climate! This year we had the pleasure of discovering new locations for weddings in the province of Pistoia. Here they are !

The Lidò Panteraie –

The Lidò Panteraie (Location weddings Montecatini -Terme) . A beautiful environment, modern and elegant with a lovely outdoor swimming pool . The food is of the highest level and after the cutting of the cake comes the fun part ; ” The Panteraie ” is one of the best clubs in Italy and this will make your party unique and memorable wedding !
Rating ? 9 +

Artemura Residence Pistoia – Getting Married in Pistoia

A beautiful residence in the heart of Pistoia which hides a secret garden and living rooms are spacious and elegant . Here too, the food is great and very carefull to details . Our rating ? 8




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