Getting married in Siena: Useful tips for planning your wedding

The story of your love painted the colors of Siena

Whether you want a country wedding, a fabulous reception, or metropolitan style, traditional or on the beach, Tuscany is the place to say your “yes.” This lovely region expertly combines history, tradition and an urban medieval buildings with modern and avant-garde and the beaches, with white sand, lapped by crystal clear sea with ancient woods that tell wonderful stories. Among the many Tuscan cities of Siena stands out, with its historical center, UNESCO has listed as a UNESCO World Heritage sites considered. Getting married in Siena, then, is a conscious choice and almost obligatory for anyone who loves this city and its priceless treasures.

Useful tips for planning a wedding in Siena

It’s not difficult to organize your perfect wedding in this city, because Siena is so beautiful and full of amazing places that transform the stage of your love, it will be really a no-brainer. The photographer that will follow you and will shoot photos of your wedding should be a good knowledge of places and wonders of Siena. If you have decided to get married in Siena, let professional advice and let him take you to the best places in the city but do not hesitate to request him some shots that best represent you.

Often, the bride and groom are those that indicate the places where you feel comfortable and where they want to be photographed. Follow the rule of simplicity, because the immensity of your love must be the punctum of a single shot. Choose location as the one that comes closest to your character and what you want in your wedding day, and most importantly, do not forget that everything that happens that day should put you as a couple, the center of attention and turn around you. And do not forget to enjoy your special day, to be able to remember forever.

Why get married in Siena?

For many reasons, but especially because it is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Italy and because your love is worth having as a framework the lovely hills and historic houses that the city jealously preserving their beauty over time. Not to mention the food and the hospitality of the locals, who will win you over for good.

sposarsi a Siena colline senesi

Places that tell your story

If you want to know where you can take pictures, to get some real photos of the author, Siena offers many places perfect for framing a couple of lovers in the most beautiful day of their lives. In the city, in front of buildings in the Gothic style, around the historic streets to discover surprising glimpses, or outside the city, in the surrounding area, using as a backdrop the Crete Senesi at sunset, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

You can, for example, choose to the famous Piazza del Campo with its imposing tower and let you capture embraced at the point from where the rays cutting the space inside in pieces, to tell the whole world that your love is the center of ‘universe. Or you can take pictures while you set mirrored in the waters of the famous Fontebranda of Terzo Camollia located in the Noble Contrada dell’Oca or next to the Fountain of Contrada Onda.

If you love then the basilicas of Siena, you can choose the background of the most beautiful day of your life the church of San Francesco, the Baptistery of St. Giovanni, the Duomo (the metropolitan cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta) or the Basilica dell’osservanza, that’s stands on the Hill of Capriola and the sunset is tinged with wonderful colors. Even the Abbazia Di San Galgano, near Siena is an amazing place that you can not include in your wedding album.

sposarsi a Siena duomo
sposarsi a Siena piazza del campo

Historical locations where you can celebrate your wedding

Some of the historic mansions or castles of Siena, in which you can organize weddings, are: la Villa of Catignano, Castle of Leonina, castle of Tavolese,Villa Ducci, Castle Vicchiomaggio, Castle of Meleto, House Pietra Antica, Borgo Castelvecchi, Villa Vistarenni,Castelnuovo Grilli,Villa Stomennano located in the village of the same name, Relais Vignale and many other beautiful places. The list can go on forever, because the Siena and Tuscany in general, in particular, are rich in places all over the world envies us and that will be a stunning setting for the day of your ‘yes’! 🙂



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