Getting married in Pisa: best location for elegant wedding and unforgettable

A.A.A. brides who dream of getting married in Pisa wanted! Yes, dear future brides , today we decided to write an article just for you , telling you what is behind the city of Pisa besides the famous “Leaning Tower ” and “Square of Miracles”

Pisa is a city of art from the rich and glorious past, one hand tied to the fate of the sea and to the wonderful Park San Rossore and on the other hand to the icon of the Leaning Tower and the scenic Square of Miracles that welcomes and values, it is an ideal location for wedding elegant and unforgettable . To the question ‘ Weddings in Pisa? ‘ you can only answer : ‘ Yes, please ‘ .

Pisa , a location inside and outside the common!

Beyond its beautiful and many churches, for the bride and groom know that their marriage banns are found in the fourteenth-century Palazzo Gambacorti, gothic jewel on the banks of the Arno and the seat of the Municipality of Pisa, is already a great satisfaction. To keep in mind that you just take a few steps to show off the wedding dresses, and with them , all the happiness of that day against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful meadows of the globe and in the sight of the tower, which has been proposed as one of the seven wonders the modern world, the heart melts further. And we, every time that promises a photo shoot in Pisa stay with joy because we are aware of the heritage of image solutions that we face.

sposarsi a pisa torre pendentesposarsi a pisa piazza dei miracoli

Pisa: not only the historical center

The birthplace of Galileo Galilei and Bruno Pontecorvo does not offer opportunities for spouses and photographers just inside the old town or the river Arno. Although its surroundings are rich in places and occasions. The Park San Rossore has already said in the beginning, now we recall the Monte Pisano, known for centuries for its natural scenery and for the goodness of its water sources, also mentioned by Dante  and jewel embellished by the imposing Certosa di Calci.

And if you are looking for villas for weddings in the province of Pisa, you do not have that spoiled for choice! This for the location. Thinking about the continuation of the wedding day after the ceremony, both the city and the Leaning Tower is its beautiful surroundings, between sea and hills behind, offering numerous occasions. There are also excellent restaurants for weddings as well, to go outside the city, cottages and villas for receptions, who have the features to like to the bridge and groom, guests and photographers .

It will be the sea air , the poetry of science that will be here one breathes in deeply, will be the charm of the monuments, but a wedding in Pisa is an unforgettable experience for the bride and groom and … for photographers !

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