Your Groom and Your wedding shoes: guide to buy!

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series Sex And The City played by actress Sarah Jessica Parker : “Men are like high-heeled shoes … there are good ones that hurt , those who do not like from the beginning, that unreachable they will never be yours , the ones that appeal to start, but then you realize that they are not anything special … and finally those that do not ever get tired of having with you.

Many, many women are reviewed in this character and many, many women think about shoes as an accessory very important in their life so as to compare him to the man who will choose .

On the day of our marriage, when we want everything to be perfect, when Crowned the dream of marrying our great love, how much will count as the bride will wear the shoes ! ? I got it , A LOT!

Dettagli di scarpe da sposa decolletè rosa e beige fotografi di matrimonio

First thing to understand is if the bride wants to follow the wedding etiquette that requires closed-toe shoes to not show the foot or prefer to follow their own fashion and taste by opting for sandals that reveal your foot under the wedding dress?

Second important thing , whether open or closed , you follow your taste and you respect the traditional look for your shoe or sandal . It means that you should not put high heels if you can not take them because you’ll be clumsy in stride down the aisle , but not even opt for shoes on the ground just because it is fashionable vintage and you want to be a new Audrey Hepburn.

Choose your shoe, one that will allow you to get to the altar by walking with the elegance of a supermodel, like Gisele Bundechen while has this fascinating strutting on the catwalks of haute couture ? ! Choose the ones that will make you feel as pretty as a princess, as Princess Grace of Monaco refined and simple at the same time as Kate Middleton, the fairytale wedding of the fairytale wedding yesterday and today.

Sposa che indossa sandalo da sposa e dettaglio di scarpa con tacco fotografo di nozze

Remember that aesthetics is crucial but also the convenience , your shoes will accompany you throughout the duration of the marriage and will need to prove your girlfriends when the time comes to open the dance after the banquet .

Catch a glimpse of a long wedding dress under a nice pair of shoes or some beautiful jeweled sandals certainly arouses the interest of the groom, the guests and also the photographer.

We also victims of this accessory , always dedicate some shots to the shoes before and after wearing them at some time or the wedding and reception we put in the foreground as shown by the pictures included in the article because we know how much care is taken in the choice this feminine object of worship .

All we couldn’t wear and be photographed wearing the Manolo Blanik like Carrie, but there are many brands , in addition to this great reputation, to demonstrate that they have beautiful patterns and not necessarily created especially for your wedding day : René Caovilla , Sergio Rossi, Joseph dinghies .

Scarpe da sposa con il tacco ed amiche che firmano fotografi per matrimoni

For brides with a touch of originality and who like to be noticed there might be the option of colorful shoes that completely detach from the garment, in this way will surely be in the foreground. Finally, if you want to make your unique shoes and tie them inextricably to the day of your wedding and your dearest friends , get autographed soles. Time after time, looking at the shoes with the signatures of the witnesses of your wedding will be a wonderful memory of a unique day .



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