Honeymoon: a short guide for beginners …!

Those who worship the classic gifts, and for those you intend to couples who are getting married, surely have opted for a honeymoon dream to be included in the list of wedding. Here’s a little ‘tips on how to get to the final choice, how to organize your honeymoon and what to pack. Ready? Go!

What destination we choose for the honeymoon?

First “problem”: the choice of destination.

This problem may be non-existent for many but instead is the applicant for a simple fact: for honeymoones are always choosen only the classic destinations such as Venice or Paris, the city of lovers who, though they are beautiful, may be too classic .

People get married only once, so our first advice is that couples about to marry must be original: the world does not just revolve around these particular destinations, but also to others who are sometimes discarded. Tokyo, Australia, Canada and many other destinations which are found in a few, but that can be a beautiful place to spend your honeymoon and where to have fun a lot.

What to do then? Simple: in this case, the originality and extravagance must always be present and, of course, you have to choose the destination along with the future husband or wife. In this way you will avoid the first fight as a married couple! 😀

Look on the internet the many beauties of the world and try to opt for the one that manages to intrigue you more: do not be afraid to be different from the pairs classic but, on the contrary, try to be original and above all to choose what you really like.

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The suitcase: a mixed blessing for each trip

“Problem” nr. 2: what to pack before you leave?

First of all clothing suitable if the destinationl is sunny places near the tropics, of course, bring a swimsuit, comfortable walking shoes, shorts and t-shirts at will. If you go in Canada, however, room for sweaters, gloves and scarves that can not miss in your arsenal of clothing.

Remember one thing: always carry some article of clothing opposite to that of the place, or a sweatshirt or sweater if you go read in sunny places and T-shirts and shorts if you go in cold places. The weather may change suddenly and you you would find a lot of uncomfortable.

Only garments in a suitcase?

Absolutely not: the “must have” for a honeymoon are yours camera! Take photos and video shot as I could, given that the journey may be unique and rare and lose the memories may make you repent of your choice. Bring obviously also the charger of these technological devices, do not run out a few days after your stay at the place of their honeymoon.

Remember to pack all your necessary also you normally use in your home: the beauty of the journey is also perfectly know how to organize and do not waste time looking for a market for an object that maybe you forgot at home.

It may seem trivial, but a council to be treasured is the one that involves making a brief check of the case: in this way you will avoid bad surprises arrive at your destination, and the second (or first) fight with your partner not just get off the plane! 🙂

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What do we do during honeymoon?

Here we are at the focal point: what to do during the honeymoon they dreamed of?

In addition to consuming the fiery passion that will pervade, try not to be too lazy or couch potatoes: do not stay locked in the hotel, rather head to all the places of interest in the destination. Take photos, get out in the evening, visit the shops and enjoy: these are the things that must be done during a honeymoon.

A tourist destination is not like your town which, although beautiful, you know it by heart, head in every single place of interest, equip yourself with a thematic map with all the sights and experience the thrill of discovery and adventure. And … do not worry too much about the money you spend: do not worry this problem. A saying is as banal as it reads: “You only live once” … that’s why even the honeymoon needs to be perfect, so perfect as to be forever remembered as a time of endless joy! 🙂

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