Kids at the Wedding: Suggestions of Two Photographers

As photographers in general and as wedding photographers we love taking pictures for children because they are immense source of inspiration with their expressions always spontaneous. To be able to photograph the best is crucial that they are comfortable with and they’re having fun during the wedding.

It often happens that live on the day of marriage as something extremely tedious and time consuming and therefore refuse to listen to the church throughout the wedding ceremony and quickly get tired of sitting at the table throughout the reception. Then begin to make the tantrums and whims ending to stress the parents who can not enjoy the day of festivities with the bride and groom as they would like

Bimbi vivaci che fanno linguacce fotografo per matrimonio

Let’s see together what solutions can be created because the little ones do not hate ceremonies, solutions that will be very useful to us because they create during the wedding, nice moments to be told through the camera .

We could start involving them right from the ceremony, especially if it takes place in the church where the scenery is usually much more elaborate. The girls will feel small brides wearing white robes and crowns of flowers. They will be eager to walk ahead of the bride in the entrance to the church from a small basket so many strewing rose petals to the altar.

Even the boys will walk in front of the bride carrying a pillow door rings or fabric flowers.

Bambina che tiene il bouquet di rose della sposa fotografi di nozze

Solutions to Keep Pests off!

Other children may hold the bride’s train and veil if it was very long as in the scene of ” Runaway Bride ” in which Julia Roberts enters with the children that hold the train and escapes by dragging them with him because he still stuck to his clothes. But this is comedy do not worry!

This small role will make them feel important and involved, but if you arrived at the entrance to the church should not force them to be scared, everything has to be a big game for them .

Bambino che sbadiglia al matrimonio fotografo per matrimoni

During the reception we always recommend you to create a table suitable for children where they will be seated together with the animators. The bride and groom will create a menu especially for them, very easy to follow their tastes. The animators at the table will think of them play , eat and entertain.

Can color on paper and whiteboards, painting their faces, playing with balloons and soap bubbles. Finally set up everything for them a candy buffet where to put candy,gummy ,licorice colored thus avoiding seeing them turn around the wedding cake before the bride and groom !

Bambino con occhi azzurri in braccio al padre fotografi nozze



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