Something blue, the color that makes you feel good

Today we would like to deal with a very curious argument that we are involved very closely but that is of interest not only for wedding and photo. Having recently read an article about the properties and the interpretation of the color blue, we decided to focus attention on this issue even within our blog.

As written in the presentation of our photo studio on the website, on our Facebook page and in various communications tools our name, “Something Blue – Wedding Photography”, inspired by the Anglo-Saxon tradition, which suggested to the bride to wear on the day of marriage something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue.

Particolare bouquet di rose bianche e giarrettiera sposa fotografo matrimonio

Each of the four items dressed has the task to be auspicious for the bride and for the happiness of marriage. The bride should wear something blue because this color represented in ancient faithfulness, purity and nobility of spirit.

Beyond the significance of the color associated with the marriage, the blue was still ancient symbol of virtue, authority, divinity and in some cultures the pigment came to be more precious than gold.

This charming color and rich in meaning according to many surveys was the favorite color from half the world’s population. Many optical properties, anthropological linked to blue.

Dettagli borse ed abiti blu al matrimonio fotografo cerimonia

Something you might not know

  • Did you know that the brightest object found so far in nature is a particular blueberry blue?!
  • The blue has a great importance in nature and our psyche as it promotes calm and reflection.
  • When we think of blue in nature we think of the sea and the sky, the places that we associate with the well-being and tranquility.
  • The blue color can affect men and women even at the physical level.
  • Working, studying, living in a blue fatigues less than other colors.
  • The blue color is also widely used as a pc screen because it improves the creativity and accuracy.
  • Have you noticed that even the major social networks have a screen like this color?! Do you think it’s a coincidence that Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and Twitter use all this color!?

Given that the blue has so many quality … what are you waiting also choose the “Our Blue” for the photo shoot your wedding?! 🙂



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