Wedding and Art Photography: The perfect union.

” To photograph is to hold your breath when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality ; At this point the captured image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy ” H.C. Bresson

sposa tra gli invitati dopo il lancio del riso fotografo matrimonio

Many photographers called artists in the photography scene departed from amateur , albeit to a particular degree . Many of them came up with their own style when you neglect what is considered traditional for the beautiful tones and ways to express themselves with their most congenial .

This is what often happens to even the most talented wedding photographers . The masters of photography who have stamped their style should never be seen stopping at the subject that is pure and simple portrait , but trying to see what the portrait subject is able to communicate , how and by what means .

Each genre that is faced by the portrait , the landscape , from reportage wedding photography is a demonstration of art and style for the professional photographer.

Even the smallest detail can give a hint to come gradually to the vision clear and definitive clarification of the author and aesthetic education from which it comes. In taking a photograph there are many interacting factors : the technique, the vantage point from which the photographer takes , his view of that fact and reality.

sposa con abito lungo con bouquet con lo sposo fotografi matrimoni

Many photos can interpret well the reality without result interesting from the point of view of art critic and other photos can be pleasant , full of irony and verve but not for this reason they are considered beautiful .

For example exceeding in the ability of technique without be supported by a skill that goes beyond the dictates of grammar is totally unnecessary. The excessive interest in the composition and the technique is likely not to express the photographer as he would like , could not give him that “everything” that he intended to express.

That’s why the best wedding photographers letting go are able to obtain images of greater expressiveness. Besides, photography is a means of capturing moments, but not any moments , but important moments, moments that come only once and not repeated .

Sposa che si trucca con il rossetto fotografo nozze

Not only the photography is able to arouse any kind of memory, it is able to awaken many emotional experiences that stagnate in our unconscious and awakened beset us in the form of physical sensations. The visual rekindle feelings and sentiments to which we attach meanings drawing on the memory of the past and its mental representation .



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