Wedding Garter: Embellishment of the Bride or symbol of tradition?

A little History of the Garter:

The garter was born as underwear garment used by women to support stockings. The tape that surrounded the fabric was an embellishment but also allowed tying him to stop stocking at the knee or higher on the thigh.

Giarrettiere per la posa con nastri di raso colorati fotografi cerimonia

Then with the birth of the stockings with elastic garter incurred loses its functionality and becomes an object purely aesthetic and decorative. Seduction tool, femininity and elegance for excellence therefore is not used in everyday life under the skirts or under pants.

Maybe with the return of the vintage and the widespread fashion for some burlesque woman wanting to feel again the female will have succumbed to the charm of this piece of retro underwear.

Dettaglio giarrettiera in bianco e nero fotografo sposi

The garter is strongly linked to marriage and its traditions. The bride, on the day of his marriage, had to wear one white and the husband had the role to dissolve the tape that close it to symbolize their entrance into a new life.

Other ritual tied to the wedding day and that often we found ourselves photographing, since it is part of those traditions no longer in use, is the launch of the Garter. As for the throwing of the bouquet, the garter to gather around the groom all the bachelors, who will grab the undergarment will marry within the year.

In some countries, France and Belgium there was a tradition of the wedding garter in which the protagonist was and is very similar to the tradition of cutting the tie mainly used in marriages in southern Italy.

This tradition across the Alps planned to cut the garter into small pieces and give it to the guests as a thank you and good wishes, but it is now a practice fallen into disuse in our marriages and those in France and Belgium.

The etiquette related to the world of marriage does not like these practices and the launch and of the cut of the Garter is in bad taste but if you practice like that leave the bride and groom to be what it says etiquette.

Sposa che indossa il vestito e la giarrettiera fotografo di matrimonio

In recent years the tradition that is most often associated with this undergarment is to be given to the bride and which is white in color with a blue ribbon to comply with the Anglo-Saxon tradition that sees a good omen to give something back and … Something Blu 🙂 to the bride on the wedding day.

Often grasps with one shot, like the wedding reportage requires, the time when friends or a dear relative gives the bride’s garter. Photographing the moment it is worn, or capture a moment in which you can see from the dress if done smartly and with a discreet light tells every detail of the preparation of the bride.

Giarrettiera che viene indossata dalla sposa fotografo per cerimonia



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