Wedding Gift? Buy a camera!

The problem is always the same: what is the ideal wedding gift? Lately, the bride and groom ask the “envelope” or a contribution for the nuptial journey, but sometimes the choice is the famous list or a free gift. This is the option that puts in crisis, right?

Welcome idea: a camera. Because there is always a good opportunity to take pictures, to leave on digital (but also wanting to analog) have vivid memories of feasts, happy days, unforgettable moments. And when you gather the budget more friends and family you have a good amount to spend.

But what to buy? How to invest the sum? Here are some tips for buying a camera worthy of the name, and give the newlyweds an object really useful.

regalo di nozze macchina fotografica matrimonio in chiesa


The first concept that you need to focus on (pass me the pun): what will the groom and the bride with this machine? They have already experienced photographers or novice? They are familiar with digital technologies? There are four levels to be considered:

  • They are expert photographers
  • They are passionate about photos
  • They are novice
  • Zero degree of photography

On the basis of this division (which of course includes intermediate levels), you can get an idea of the gift. For married couples industry experts point to a better photo accessory, a goal probably already have all the cameras of this world and can engage a target budget.

For enthusiasts and novice photographers the choice is more difficult, perhaps already have a car that suits your needs, but they want something that summarizes different characteristics: most of the image quality, small size …

In these cases the solution is almost obligatory: ask those who know the tastes and needs of the people concerned. Otherwise you really wasting money.

For those who find themselves in the vicinity of the zero degree or at least is starting to take its first steps into the world of professional photography the way is plain: an entry-level SLR, not too expensive but not the latest model available. A good middle ground.

regalo di nozze macchina fotografica amici degli sposi

Slaves of Megapixel

Do you know what is the first since that is tried on the packaging of a camera? The megapixels. A number that most people do not have any concrete meaning: it is used only to define a universe as complex photography through a number, an index.

My plea is this: beyond the bondage of megapixels. When you purchase your camera, or at least the machine that you have to give the bride and groom, make sure there is proper attention to other factors that determine the quality of the picture: the shutter speed, auto-focus, color fidelity, quality optics and sensor size.

A machine with a high number of megapixels can give photos to print on large surfaces but is not synonymous with good photos. In short, 6 megapixels is more than enough for a photographer with average needs.

regalo di nozze macchina fotografica invitati matrimonio


Maybe you are confused and believe that a Reflex is not suitable for the couple who is still taking its first steps into the world of photography. The Reflex divide the three models:

– entry level
– semi professional
– professional

If the couple does not fit into these categories, you can focus on bridge cameras, or models that have an aesthetic similar to the Reflex but a burden and a lower quality.

It looks like a Reflex and has most of the features it has a good zoom and allows you to adjust many parameters that with a regular camera can not be changed. But the quality is not that of the Reflex. For this, however, can be a great starting point for those who are still in their infancy.

How to choose a camera

The key points: choose a template that reflects the needs of the photographer, seeks to know the use that will not limit yourself to as megapixels quality index and tip also on accessories: sometimes the machine is not enough or is not needed.

You have experience in this field? Do you want to add a point to the list? Give your opinion in the comments.