Wedding list: 5 + 1 ideas to make the perfect gift!

“List of wedding, what to put in?”. Many couples fall on the potty when they need to fill in the small / large list of gifts they want to receive their marriage. That’s why we’ve written for you and your guests, 5 + 1 original ideas for a wedding list special and different from the usual.

PS: The advice applies even (and especially!) For those who must make gifts. So, if you are going to attend a wedding as soon invited, opens your eyes and read in one breath our 5 tips for wedding gifts that will make the original super-happy newlyweds! 😉

1. Stop with cookware and appliances!

Before the wedding you have probably thought about what you give, and certainly the first thoughts that you have made are appliances, cookware sets and company: Now take that list and trash it. Why is that? Simply because these are gifts you can make yourself even when you are going to live together, or even if you have already made ​​living together.

Opt for something different that you really like for once put yourself in first place in the list and enter what you want to do, what you lack and what you really want. Do not worry: even if the wedding list is extravagant, surely someone will fulfill your desires!

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2 The spa: two hearts and a SPA

Are you stressed and tired of the same routine? Do you need to relax and be pampered so much to the point of return fully fit? If you feel tired and want to rest, enter into your wedding list a weekend at a spa where you can relax and recover all the energy you spent downloading the effort of the organization of your wedding. In addition, thanks to the many activities that certainly are enclosed in the package of spa, you can also go back in perfect shape if you stray a little ‘before-during and after the wedding!

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3. photos + album of marriage: a gift “for ever”

Why do not you give the photos from the wedding? The costs of a reliable wedding photographer, you know, are certainly not low but considering that the photographs are the only tangible reminder of your wedding you’ll want to invest on this service. We do not say because we’re biased but simply because we have heard too many stories of focus photographs, lost or even worse, canceled. If you rely on a professional wedding photographer (like us!) You can sleep ten pillows.

An other alternative photographic’could be a photo album or a digital photo frame in which run all the photos that tell your love story. Here’s another gift that couples can include in their wedding gift list: a photo album where they themselves are the absolute protagonists and that follows every interesting moment of their life as a couple. That’s it, your story in an Album: from engagement to marriage!


4. Yes, you read that right: Sport and Fitness in wedding list

If you like sports and you adore sports as their opponents or in pairs, then in your list of wedding included a subscription to a few months to a few sports activities: obviously this varies from couple to couple and both must agree on sport for which opt.

This is an original gift that, at the same time, you are unlikely to do it yourself: take a course in the swimming pool or tennis at a cost not just very low and this might make you desist from that idea. For this reason, if you really love the sport, choose what appeals to both and put it in your wedding list: opt for a subscription ranging from three to six months, in order not to see this gift that melts like snow in the sun! 😉

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5. A week of relaxation for putting thoughts into standby

Another thought funny and cute that can be written in the list the night is to make renting a home in the mountains or at the seaside for a week: if you love one of these two places, surely you can not help but think about it. If you enter this gift in your wedding list you just have to do a mega-shopping at the supermarket to spend the week relaxing, pampering and fun, just for you two.

Warning: this is not a honeymoon real but just 7 days where you will think only of you and your concerns will remain for a while ‘in standby! 😉

lista di nozze casa-in-montagna


6. Adrenaline and heart pounding a thousand

Are you an adventurer? You love risk and you are not afraid of anything? Or at least you think you are brave? Then you can include in your list a package of extreme activities-packed adrenaline rides racing car with experienced driver, climbing in the mountains, parachuting and other assets seen as out of the ordinary will allow you to experience intense emotions and that surely will make you strong heart beat!

And you as the original list of wedding would you add? Leave a comment with your idea!

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