Wedding Photo Booth: let’s posing!

Comes from the USA the latest fad of the moment in terms of getting married is the “Photo Booth”!

Exactly the “Photo Booth”, in fact the word would indicate the classic cabins to make passport photos.

For weddings took inspiration from this to take fun pictures with friends and family perhaps using backdrops and objects to make them more ironic and to remember their wedding day to the guests in an original and engaging.

Even in America are also installed fake cabins where guests can enter to get photos or mounting is used to reconstruct a small backdrops set in which to pose.

Sposa con oggetti per il photo booth fotografo nozze

How to Create a Photo Booth for your Wedding

There are few elements needed to create a fun and original photo shoot.

For the organization of a prefect Photo Booth need:

  • glasses mustache
  • colorful hats
  • frames and slates where the wedding guests can write messages or witty express their affection for the newlyweds

Baffi finti cappelli occhiali per photo booth di matrimonio

The key thing for a great success of the Photo Booth is especially the desire to get in the game and the irony of the couple and their wedding guests during the course of the photographs.

Photos taken during the Photo Booth can be included, depending on the taste of the couple inside their wedding album, or you can create a small album containing these additional shots.



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