Wedding photographers in Rome…captured by the beauty of the city

The charm of Rome will carry you right away, let to enchant you and above all, you never stop to discover it. A photographer in Rome soon became aware that the roads, especially the less known and less traveled always hide surprises and excellent photographic opportunities.

Even just walking around there are less touristic shops and much more appreciated also by the Romans themselves, boutique brands less known than those of Via del Corso but more reserved, the food , the locals (especially in the Trastevere area ) refer to an atmosphere almost as if they were the streets of Paris Montmaitre .

In the spring time we spent a few days in Rome to meet two young married couples who would do the photo shoot wedding in June, so we took again the opportunity to take a tour of this wonderful city.

Coppia di giovani sposi giapponesi in piazza san giovanni Roma fotografo matrimonio

There are many places where a photographer needs to settle down, to savor the smells and immerse themselves fully in the setting before starting to make good photography. Rome, on the contrary, wrapped us with its charm and greatness of the beauty that every corner tells centuries of history, art and religion can give.

With our camera around his neck we started our trip by tourists and photographers and forth all day to walk in the center of Rome and the ruins of open-air museums! St. Peter’s Square at the Altare della Patria passing from the Trevi Fountain and the Piazza di Spagna, and then again towards the Imperial Fora and the Coliseum.

How nice to photograph a wedding in Rome will have access to these places that have been taken by the film several times and the most renowned Italian directors worldwide. A street where he used to spend Vittorio Gassman, Campo dei Fiori of Anna Magnani and the Dolce Vita of Marcello Mastroianni and Federico Fellini along Via Veneto.

We by-case met and made ​​friends with a couple of young newlyweds Japanese that with much sympathy let us make to them a photo shoot on the spot in front of the Church of St. John Lateran

“How beautiful you are Rome… when it’s night time” sang Antonello Venditti, in fact we still were not satisfied to photographs and our feet to continue the journey that we have continued our tour even in the evening, without too much fuss and without the chaos generated by many tourists.

Lungotevere al tramonto e cupola di san pietro in lontananza fotografi per matrimonio

Enjoy the city at night and discover the most characteristic corners once again it was a great experience and we saw everything in a different guise, just at night .

Rome by night takes on a special charm and a romantic stroll along the Tiber with the rustle of the water and the street lamps of the evening create lighting effects that make every glimpse of a movie set and a great place to swear love.

Veduta dei fori imperiali di Roma in notturna fotografo sposi



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