Wedding Photography: aesthetic and social revolution.

A marriage without images not to be done, you know this. It’s possible to imagine a wedding without a photographer? It can be said that a marriage is actually the case if there are no photos to prove it?

So between the symbols attesting to the ceremony which took place over the signatures of the spouses and the rings we can consider the wedding album. After all the wedding is one of the few occasions when you need a professional photographer. Yet for how long?

sposo e sposa in posa anni 70 fotografo per matrimoni

We do not know if the modernity of the times, the mass diffusion of digital photography, photography of phones, instagram just a click away, anywhere and for anyone, supplant the wedding photographer also from these services.

What is certain is that once the album was proof that the marriage had taken place, following the principles and rules of the event. But something has changed, too quickly. The album is no longer the task of witnessing the ceremony took place, but rather that the marriage has turned out well .

In the seventies the wedding photos were extraordinary social representations, which is recognized by the hierarchies and rules of conduct to hold. The intention was to demonstrate to future generations that they were able to ” do the bride and groom “

sposi davanti al fotografo di matrimonio negli anni 70

Foto di gruppo anni 70 degli invitati con gli sposi fotografo matrimonio

The wedding photographer had the task of being a director and arbiter of the ceremony, or rather of their romance . The architect of the success of the event. Ran the set, the actors and extras. The professional photographers are challenged to flash shots, poses with artistic scenic effects. Everything was on time and organized methodically studied.

Then with time there was a strong evolution, indeed a reversal. The wedding photographer is transformed into ” photojournalist ” able to capture the moments and take pictures on the spot.

The event in the marriage took precedence over everything and the photographer revolves around, watchful eye and constant pursuit of details and looks. Not directs the games but interprets reality through the eyes of a photo-reporter. Here we passed from classic poses , set and glossy and dropped in pretend spontaneity photographs where realism is a must.

Sposa alla cerimonia che ride fotografo di matrimoni

Sposi che ridono all'uscita della chiesa dopo il lancio del riso fotografi per matrimonio

And then there are the photos with mobile phones , cheeky and rude , disruptive . Without that form , however, overturned the context. Especially for their immediate sharing anticipating classical times , you share on social networks, roam over the network from Facebook to Twitter via instant photo editing softwares .

The speed in all channels , immediacy … better or worse ? Social values ​​are constantly changing and the same is true for wedding photography . Impossible to define it , the important thing is that what we do is liked and that it is done with good taste.



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