Wedding photography with Iphone…Hi-Tech Ideas for Print’em all!

During the weddings the guests are often to take pictures to spouses, relatives or friends with their smartphone handsets , it is quite normal to create their own personal souvenir snapshot of the day and it’s nice to contribute to the event from their point of view the marriage.

What happens , however, these photos?

After shooting them are we sure that the bride and groom will see them or they will remain only as a file in the memory on the phones? It’s true that some of these at the end are published on the internet and shared through social networks and at that time will enjoy popularity but often it has the feeling that they can remain “forgotten” and even erased with time without any trace. It would be a shame to waste a photographic archive so important and spontaneous.

Idee originali stampa calamite personalizzate fotografi di matrimonio

We’ve enough of the photos seen on the display, we want to propose you some solutions Hi-tech to print in an alternative and creative photos of your wedding. Have you taken pictures at the wedding and use instagram? Well, do not stop! Use” StickyGram” to print your photos to small magnets. Very original, square and really cool! They’ll look great attached to the fridge in the house of the bride and groom and they will surely be surprised!

Calamite personalizzate attaccate al frigorifero fotografo per matrimoni

“Printstagram” changes shape to your photos, you can print posters with the photos taken with instagram and much more! See how simple wedding pictures taken by you can be played on cute stickers to stick wherever you want, or they can go to make a mini- photo book to be dedicated to the newlyweds !

Cover con foto personalizzata per Iphone fotografi nozze

Foto instagram stampata su piccolo album fotografo di matrimoni

Then you could even print them on canvas and frame them, to do this you can just use “CanvasPop”. Your photos will be part of the decor of your living room or in your studio or one of the spouses !

Foto instagram stampa su tela fotografi di nozze

Do you want something really special? Then emboss your photos on a case for Iphone or Ipad and maybe you can take the opportunity to make a small gift to the newlyweds! Take a look at the site “Casetagram “.

Stampa foto instagram su cover per Iphone fotografo per matrimonio

The possibilities for use of your photo memory are lots of mainly thanks to technology and the latest tools today! Our intent is to have you intrigued And I’ve convinced you to create your own personalized keepsakes for the occasion of the wedding !



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