Wedding with friends: the joy is assured!

Could you imagine your wedding without the presence and the joy that bring your closest friends?! I think not!

Friends will be Friends!

1.  Friends during your wedding day are the ones who will snatch a smile and put down the anxiety before the ceremony when you fear that something goes wrong.

2. Friends are the ones that you have always known, with whom you have shared so much of your life path and torque. They will cry seeing you wear the wedding dress and feeling you pronounce the fateful yes.

3. Friends can disrupt patterns of etiquette, bursting with jokes and surprises animating your party. They will dance and celebrate with you into the night making you feel all their affection and always remembering that your happiness is their happiness.

scherzo degli amici con il riso al matrimonio fotografi nozze sposa con la migliore amica fotografo matrimonio

The photos with friends: a “must have” that must not be missed

Telling those moments with the camera inside the whole wedding photography is essential.

Impress in your scrapbook or in your photobook the memory of their presence and their participation will be a pleasure for us and for you.

Flipping over time your photo album will always remember how important it was to have them at your side to support you and what have been key to the success of the entire day of your wedding.

video organizzato dagli amici per gli sposi fotografi per matrimonio scherzi degli amici dello sposo fotografi di matrimonio amiche della sposa che cantano fotografo sposi



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