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Enrico Buggiani Fearless PhotographersEnrico

For nearly 10 years the love for photography in all its forms drew me to wonderful experiences, both artistically and professionally.

Born in 1981. Passionate about cinema, music, guitar, and, I played in several rock bands up to the age of 20. Then I purchased my first SLR camera … and it started!

I took a photography course that provided me with the basics of starting assisting photographers – (professionals or non) – who imparted to me enthusiasm and passion.

My thirst for learning hasn’t stopped for a moment after discovering the universe of photography and its beauty. With the years came the first marriages, some as assistant others as photographer. I treasuring all the lessons learned and experience gained in the field the adventure of Qualcosa di Blu began in 2011.

Quality, professionalism and reliability are always at the centre of our work.


Maybe it was something innate or perhaps excessive shyness in me as a child which led me to prefer communication through images rather than through words.

When I was a child I loved to draw and my creativity was so rampant that the walls of the house were covered much to the chagrin of my parents.

Growing up my interest shifted to the fashion magazines that my mother bought. I liked to leaf through, cut out the most beautiful images and store them unaware that they were of great photographers but especially struck by the aesthetics of images. In adolescence my great love for the cinema bloomed. I could spend whole afternoons in the company of old movies.

I decided at the end of high school to enrol in the Faculty of Arts and a degree in film history and criticism. Meanwhile, during the first years of university, I was introduced to the camera and the commitment of a two-year apprenticeship in a photography studio specializing in wedding services.

From then to the start of the photographic studio QdB, many books, courses, photo shoots passed but I like to think that it was the time it took for my path and that of Enrico’s to cross.

What do I contribute to the QdB project?! The creativity of a child who coloured outside the lines ,the feminine touch of glossy fashion magazines, the desire to tell stories on the big screen and the experience in the field of wedding photography. Finally, but not less important is the great passion for what I do.